NexBond™ Water-Based Industrial Metal Primer

Our NexBond™ Water-Based Industrial Metal Primer is a high-performance, waterborne, acrylic primer with outstanding water and corrosion resistance. The exceptional water-resistance properties are based on water-vapor-barrier concept. Primarily used to protect metal against corrosion, this product works very well for wood, concrete and plastic as well.

View NexBond™ Water-Based Industrial Metal Primer TDS here.

Available Products:

IW-1104 White Universal Primer
IW-1604 Red Oxide Universal Primer
IW-1804 Gray Universal Primer
IW-1904 Black Universal Primer


  • Very fast drying
  • Very good corrosion resistant (metal)
  • Very low VOC
  • Sticks to everything

Recommended for…

All types of substrates that require the best durability and protection against moisture and/or corrosion. Can be used as a “stain-locking” primer. 


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