The NexBond Coatings Story

Tom Huemiller and Miles Wooley have been in the wood, industrial, and specialty coatings business for almost 30 years—Miles as a chemist and technical director, and Tom as driver of sales and distribution.

Tom’s initial foray into the industry began in 1992 when he founded Huemiller and Associates Inc, which developed exterior wood stain and sealant products under the brand Huemiller Stain. The following year, he started Superior Wood Care, a company that provides professional wood staining and sealing services to the Dallas/Fort Worth and other North Texas areas.  Competitor companies Gray Away Wood Savers in 2002 and Exterior Wood Savers were acquired in 2019. In addition, in 2019 Sunlite Sales, LLC, in Miami, Florida was added to the portfolio. Sunlite offers exceptional coating solutions for an extensive array of industrial, architectural, consumer, and commercial products.

In 2008, Tom purchased Specialty Coatings/Fluidaire Inc., a company originally founded in 1972 that grew to be an industry-leading manufacturer of specialty coatings in Arlington, Texas. With the company’s assets, CIC Coatings, LLC and CenturionTM Wood Coatings were founded with Miles Wooley in McKinney, Texas. CenturionTM Wood Coatings is an environmentally friendly, custom industrial, wood coatings manufacturer specializing in water-based and solvent-based coatings that provide ground-breaking solutions for any coatings needs.

In 2019 the CIC Metal Coatings line was converted to NexBond Metal Coatings to better serve the US metal coatings market.

Tom is currently president and CEO of parent company CIC Coatings, LLC. Miles Wooley is Chief Chemist and Technical Director CIC Coatings, LLC.

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